Friday, May 22, 2015

Science Fiction

Good morning, Crafters!

Thanks everyone who played along with Beckie's challenge last week. We got to see some fantastic rainbows there!

It's Svenja here with a new challenge for you: 
I have the ominous 42 to celebrate today and it's towel day on Monday. Two good reasons to celebrate the works of the great Douglas Adams with some 
science fiction
themed cards. But of course you're just as welcome to celebrate any other sci-fi hero of your choice: Dr. Who, Mr. Spock, Princess Leia, R2D2... to name but a few. Who is your favourite space alien?

Here's some inspiration for you by the Design Team: 

Dawn (X-Files, stars)

Svenja (Douglas Adams, Dr. Who, Star Trek)

Lythan (Futurama -ish)

Kathy    (Douglas Adams; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Miri (aliens)

Nat (The Justice League - comic book heroes with certain special powers - like flying!)
Jo - Doctor Who

Leo - Robots with personality, (Marvin, Bender, C3PO R2D2, Data, WALL-E et al)

Beckie - Star Wars, Ewok


Friday, May 15, 2015

Monochromatic Rainbow

Good Morning everyone, Beckie here this week with a new dare for you but first off we would like to thank everyone who joined in Leo's dare last week, The Door To .....

So this weeks dare is 


I think everyone, not matter what age, likes to see a rainbow in the sky.  I often look for them when the rain has been and the sun comes out.  For this dare I would like you to choose ONE colour from the rainbow and use ONLY that colour on the card.  No other colour maybe used, even the card blank must be in the same family colour. An arc must also be used on the card.

Have fun and I shall leave you with some inspiration from the design team to inspire you .....


Friday, May 08, 2015

The Door To..........

Hi Leo here with you this week!
We had some lovely 'Elemental Inspiration' cards last week so thank you to every one who played along. 
I've got a new challenge for you this week,

The Door To.................

This week in the UK we're picking our new government and the leader of the party that comes out top on polling day gets a new address, No. 10 Downing Street! Probably one of the most famous front doors in the world :)

Inspired by election day and No.10 I'd like you to include some kind of opening door on your card. It could be a simple interactive opening fixed somewhere on your card or your card could have a fancy way of opening or you could make the whole card a door shape, whatever you can come up with.

Here's what the design team has come up with this week to inspire you!




Friday, May 01, 2015

Elemental Inspiration for May

Hopefully all those lovely Get Well cards featuring April showers (amongst other things) will bring about some lovely May flowers now that the month has turned.
It means that we have had to say goodbye to lovely Enfys who has been a great guest designer - thanks so much Enfys.  

Actually the Elemental Inspiration chosen by Lythan has a weather connection as well - its a picture of a windy day!

As ever the challenge is to create a card which has been inspired by at least 3 elements from the  picture on it. It could be the colour scheme, theme of the picture or some of the shapes.  Have a look and see how the Design Team were inspired....






Friday, April 24, 2015

Under the Weather

A big thank you to everyone who joined in with Nat's quirky "Arrow" themed challenge last week, it was fun to see how you responded to that one!

Now though, are you ready for a new challenge? We hope so!
This week's challenge is called:

Under the Weather

It seems that everyone we know is either feeling really poorly, or is just getting over some nasty bug or other.  So we thought we'd have a challenge all about "Get Well Soon" cards....and what with it still being April, the month famed for it's rain showers (though here in the UK it's been pretty much "sunshine all the way" this year) we'd like you to add a 
weather-related twist to your cards.

To put it simply, we'd like to see  Weather Related Get Well Soon cards

We're looking forward to seeing what you make, but  for starters here's what our team came up with