Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Midweek Round Up

A big Thank you to those who've already shown us their "Ribbon for Men" cards, such a great variety of cards to see both on your blogs and on our gallery.
We're loving all of them and don't forget there's still plenty of time for anyone who hasn't got round to joining in with this one yet.
Go on, have a go,
we dare you!

And now here's our Little Extra for this week
We're giving you one word to play with this time. How you choose to interpret this is up to you, your card might have the word on it, or contain something to do with the word. It might be a quote or phrase with the word in it. It might convey a mood. So what is this word I hear you ask?

The word for the week is


and here are some ideas to get you started.


Gillian said...

Yah! I've been waiting,
Just came by hoping there was a mid week extra.. and there is...
but it's 11.42pm here and I think I should go to bed and dream about something to do with 'Sparkle'..... Nighty Night.

Paula J Atkinson said...

How apt for the time of year...
I'm sat at work bored!!! So I might have a play & see what I can design for home time. I'm out tomorrow & all weekend, so pushed for craft time!!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Mine is on my blog
I'm pushed for time but really wanted to keep playing along, so its just a quicky.
Your cards are all stunning but will comment on each individual blog as they appear.
Thanks again ladies for another fab dare & I might well use the idea again (few designs in mind) when the other card is done....

Anonymous said...

love that christmas tree. fabby!

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Well done girls - you mid week girls are putting me to shame - I will try and join in one week! LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow...great challenge's girls!
My cards are on my blog, now I just have to clean up the glitter that's everywhere...lol

Keryn Campbell said...

My midweek sparkle card is on my blog. This is one of my faves for Christmas. Quick and messy with a chance to coat every member of the household in glitter.

Anonymous said...

Working on my card right now!

I'll post the link as soon as I'm done!

Beautiful Cards Ladies!!!!

Gillian said...

Hi girls,
I'm done, I've just posted my very 'sparkly' card..
come over if you DARE, but put your sunnies on first.

Pearl said...

Hi all, been making some new cards this week & the first card I made for Christmas 2006 - just fits it I think !




Kathy said...

Phew! So pleased you're all having a go at this - we were a bit worried that you wouldn't like a word challenge and no-one would play with us!
Thanks for joining in, we love to visit your blogs to see all your cards

Anonymous said...

OK - I couldn't NOT do this one. Even though I wanted to go to bed, I couldn't NOT do this one. I love sparkly things and it was a great excuse to sparkle up everything! I posted my card to my blog. It's 11.52pm here now, Gillian, so I guess we are both night owls (Yawn! Hoot!)
Goodnight all :-)

BondGirl said...

Tara sent us an email at daringcardmakers@hotmail.co.uk to show us her sparkle cards and we have added them to our gallery.

Check them out here

Anonymous said...

Oooh sparkly sparkles!

I am sure I can tie this into a Christmas card some how... after all are there any other cards but Christmas cards on my agenda for the next month?? :oS

Bex said...

OK Girls - I did the last one and now another one?????
Give me a break lol

Will try ......... but working to a schedule at the mo so not promising .......

Did nasty man dare though xxxx

Love Bex xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I know, I know, I'm late again, BUT better late than never. Please see my blog - http://carrotjoose.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards Kathy, i have just done a sparle on my blog. Off to look at this weeks challenge now.

Andrea xx

BondGirl said...

Ros has sent us a gorgeous sparkle card.

See it in our gallery here


Kathy said...

oooh Ros they are so pretty. I love the bauble one especially.

Anonymous said...

Eek I am so behind, I have managed the round up sparkles! But need to get on with the next dare tomorrow night or sometime... she says!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to my card.


Kathy said...

Two more great cards - lovely and sparkly!

Thanks for joining in