Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weather Report

Well, we are completely blown away by the wonderful Scrapbook-style cards you've been sharing with us. There's still plenty of time to join in and we'd all love to see your cards - so please don't be shy - once you've made your card add a message here on our blog and we'll all come and visit as well as adding a link to our ever-growing Links List.

Now then, if you've already finished your card, maybe you're looking for another little challenge to tide you over till Friday - so here you go, our midweek special:
Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.
This week's Little Extra task is to make a card to reflect the weather or season wherever you live. That's all - easy eh? Here are cards from Keryn and Gill on the sunny side of the world and poor Kathy who's freezing her socks off on the chilly side!


Paula J Atkinson said...

Oh cruel ladies, cruel! Here's me only just got my heating sorted & the boiler still has "issues" & you want me making weather cards!!!
Oh well, see what I can do!!!

Candy said...

This is such an inspirational blog and I love your designs. We are new to blogging and hope you find some of our designs inspirational as well

Pearl said...

Hello from SUnny Singapore

I have some cards with Rouge De Garance papers for the tropical feel...what a lark !

smiles , Pearl

Anonymous said...

Love this challenge - thanks girls! Today it was SO unbearably hot and now tonight we have had a storm and it is currently raining! So many choices...

Paula J Atkinson said...

I have one done & over on the blog!! Off to make hot chocolate now to fend off the chills!!


Spice said...

You rock!

Sari K. said...

The cold one is ready. I'm waiting if some one has colder than me...Hrrr!

Anonymous said...

Hi again - okay it was SO HOT here today that I had to go VERY bright. Hope this warms you girls up a little.
Link is www.scrapsidaisy.typepad.com

Leni said...

very nice.

Inge Groot said...

Brrr..well it's cold here and snowing. Finally it's winter here in the netherlands!

Thanks for the challenge, it's my first here;-)

Esther said...

WHOO! Snow in the Uk and everyone goes crazy! I managed to make my card yesterday before the snow arrived, but had internet troubles today... anyway I managed to get on. My snowy card is on www.starcreations.blogspot.com

BondGirl said...

Ros has made a lovely snowy card for her sons birthday so well done ros and happy birthday James

Ros' Card can be seen in our gallery here


Kathy said...

Ros, your snowflake card is lovely - there were certainly plenty of snowflakes around here last week!

BondGirl said...

Ooops public apology time, Ros' card was indeed gorgeous but her son is called Peter not James. So many apologies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!