Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

Just before we announce our Midweek Special, can we just say how beautiful your "Crossing Continents" celebrations and festivals cards are, and how much we are enjoying seeing them. Not an easy dare, this one - but you are being very brave and really rising to the challenge! If you've not already done so, please have a go at this one - it's both fun and inspirational to explore the different celebrations around the world - as you can see by the cards already shown here and on our Links List.
Go on, have a go, We Dare You!

So, on to this week's Little Extra and another in our series of Boy Scout cards - you know - as in the scouting slogan "Be Prepared"! This time it's cards with a New Home theme.
Easy, eh? And, how nice are we? Helping you to get organised and always have the right card ready when you need it instead of scrabbling around to make one in a hurry!
We've a few from the Design team to show you here, and more will (probably ;-]) appear on our personal blogs in due course.
Don't forget to leave a message on this thread so we can all come and see your fabulous New Home cards when you've made them - and there's no cheating allowed - so don't just delve into your old stock.....(hehehe)


Paula J Atkinson said...

Nice examples ladies.
Mine's just a quick card based on one I made last year.I've been ill & am not quite on par yet!!


Pearl said...

thanks for this great dare ! I havent made such a card b4 ! it was great to have a go ! enjoyed it more than i expected ! lol

ttfn, Pearl

Sarah said...

Great cards Ladies! mine is on my blog;

Anonymous said...

Mine's on my blog...

Esther said...

Quick take a look incase it suddlenly leaps off the page! You will see what I mean when you come to my blog!

Rika said...

Beautiful cards ladies!
My card is on my blog.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Wonderful cards ladies. Here is my effort for the double dare:-

gaby braun said...

Here is my contribution


Sam said...

I love all the examples you've got here...so different yet so fab! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Oh yeah, and mine's on my blog lol!

~ Sam

Rachel said...

fantastic cards for all the recent dares Ive missed. I made a card I needed last night, incorporating a few old dares if you want to check my blog out. Im hoping to join in with recent dares soon when Ive loaded all my holiday piccies

Thanks for looking xx

Rachel said...

Another her for you - love those cards



Sari K. said...

Fab cards ladies!
I made one, it's on my blog.

Sheila said...

Oooooh gorgeous cards.
I've only just got round to doing this..........I am playing catch up this week so I'm behind with everything.

Mines at

Thank you for daring us all again.

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Thanks for the dare! I needed a 'new home' card this week - mine's on my blog :-)

BondGirl said...

Ros has sent us a scrummy new home card. Have a peep in our gallery