Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Mid Week Tribute !

Hello everyone !

Thank you once again for rising to the challenge so brilliantly and coming up with so many beautiful cards for the 'Me and My Shadow' dare. I was amazed at how many people took up the challenge and produced some absolutely gorgeous cards. Well done everyone !

Now, as you are probably aware, both Lynne and Gillian sadly stepped down from the Design team recently, and all though the DCM team's door is always open for them, we thought it would be nice to pay a little tribute to them in appreciation for all their wonderful work during their time on the DCM design team. Lythan came up with an idea that we make a card in the 'style' of either Lynne or Gillian's cards. Or maybe pick your favourite of theirs and use an element from their cards on your own card. Everyone has their own style- we thought it might be a little challenge to try out a different style for a change!

Once again we on the design team would like to wish Gillian and Lynne well on their new ventures and hope to maybe see them joining us for the occasional dare in the future, time permitting.

Now as always, you can share your designs with us in one of two ways, either leave a comment and include the link to your card /blog or drop us a line at with your piccy and we will add it to our DCM gallery.

Now here's a few from the design team to share with you from Rhi, Lythan, Keryn, Sue, Jo and Rachel...


SueH said...

My card's up there too, yah!
Not an easy challenge Jane but good fun, all the same.
You can read how I made my card on my

Andrea, said...

Do you have the links to their blogs please

Rachel said...

All the design team blogs are down the left hand side of the blog Andrea

Andrea, said...

I looked there before but can't see their names on that list anymore

Anonymous said...

I've found them on someone elses blog:-

Now off to have a look :)

Andrea, said...

Thanks Vanessa

Rachel said...

ah - sorry thought you meant for the cards that were here


Andrea, said...

Great challenge. I've had a look at Lynne's and Gillian's blog and I've made a card in (hopefully) the style of Lynne, it's on my blog.

My card

Rachel said...

My "Gillians style" card is now on my blog - a great dare and the girls will be sadly missed, a great inpiration.

Anonymous said...

Got mine done.

Here it is and thanks for looking and Good Luck to both girls. :)

Deb said...

Great fun, a bit scary at first but enjoyed it!

Gillian said...

awwwwww.....You girls!
trying to control my emotions here..

huggles to you all xxxx

Sheila said...

I'll miss you both Lynne and Gillian.
Fab idea for this weeks dare.
My imitation of Gillian's style is on my blog and I will try and have go at a Lynne style one later today.

Kaz said...

Good luck Gillian and Lynne.

Mine is on my blog. TFL

stamp and scrape said...

Very sorry to see you both go - a big thank you from me for your enthusiasm, inspiration, and very encouraging comments. All the best for your new endeavours.

Juliet said...

Not easy at all, but my card is on my blog.

Good luck for the future Lynne and Gillian!

Juliet xx

Ruthie said...

Good luck Lynne and Gillian - I will miss your cards.

My card is up:


Ruthie x

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

there are two fantastic stampers and artists leaving. i wish you all the best. it was pure pleasure to look at your blogs and stay a while and look closely at your creations.

i will try make a card but hey you two set the bars high!!!

Janette said...


just posted my card onto my blog - hopefully in the style of Lynne. This was really difficult to try and think what someone else would do but at the same time I've really enjoyed it. Good luck Gillian and Lynne for all your future things.


Unknown said...

A really lovely thought to tribute to these two ladies. Mine is in the style of Gillian. You can see it here. LOL Lynn x

Rika said...

All the best to Gillian and Lynny!
Here is my Gillians style card

Lynne said...

Oh, wow. What a wonderful tribute ladies - you lot have got me all a teary ..... xxx.

Thanks for all the good wishes - who knows maybe once my health improves I'll come over all a crafty again .... you are truely an amazing

Esther said...

I was slightly daunted by the challenge but sooo glad that I did it! Been wanting to make this kind of card for a while. Take a look and let me know what you think

Jackie said...

I've finally managed to get my card on my blog.
In case you can't see is supposed to be 'Lynne style' :)