Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The first in a series !!

Big thanks again to everyone who joined has joined in last Friday’s team dare,

there certainly was some beautiful creations on the subject of hot and spicy !
Now, you still have time to join in if you want too- but if you want a little extra dare, you’ve come to the right place !

We are introducing a new series to our little mid week dares, based around traditional and anniversary gift themes to inspire a design. We are not necessarily looking for an anniversary card (although obviously that’s allowed :) the card can be for any occasion but it should be inspired by the gift theme of the chosen year.

Now, we could start with 1st Anniversary, but that would mean you'd be able to guess the next dare in the series, and that would be too easy eh? :) So we've decided to pick the dare year randomly and we are starting off with

'The 7th Anniversary'

We’d like you to make a card inspired by the Traditional or Modern gift theme
for a 7th Anniversary, which is……

'Wool or Copper'

Don’t forget to leave us a link to your card so that we can come see your lovely creations!


Jackie said...

First again!
I've just added my card to my blog. I came to add it earlier and the post had disappeared........thought I was seeing things. LOL

Jay said...

I finally managed to upload my card to my blog. It's here: My Card

Fun theme! I'll be looking forward to more of the series. :-)

Enfys said...

Mine is on my blog - you took me well outside my comfort zone with this one!

Fiona said...

Mine's here

Sarah said...

My card is on my blog;


michelle said...

here is my card thanks for another great challenge !


Rainbow Lady said...

Here is my copper card for you. Thanks for looking
Love Cynthia x


Judy said...

My copper card is on my blog .... at last! The shimmery card wasn't easy to photograph and finally scanned it & that's not perfect either!!
So here it is -

Annie said...

This was fun!

Here is mine:

manuela said...

my card

debby4000 said...

Looking forward to the rest of the series
Here's mine

Kath Stewart said...

This was great fun but my fingers are now covered in glue with wool stuck to it.....

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

This is late but I wanted to be in at the start of this new series - great fun!


tala1947 said...

This is probably late, too. I was not sure when the challenge ends.

My card can be seen at

I decided to go straight to the source - the sheep!