Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anniversary #8

And its for 10 years.
Now there is a choice for this one.... Tin/Aluminum or Diamond Jewellery
Hmmm which would you choose?

Hope you will find the theme inspiring!
Here are some ideas to get you going


tiggertastic said...

Oh this is interesting,


Ellen said...

nice to see both choices up there I was going to use the aluminium one but stumbled over this image so diamantes it became


Rosanne said...

I had a chance to create a card!

Its on my blog.

Rima said...

I just made my Parents an anniversary card with a dimentie heart on it, so maybe this fits your challenge. You can find it on my blog.



Louly said...

Ooh wht fab DT cards! Mine took 15 minutes! Quick ay? It's on my blog http://craftsbylouly.blogspot.com/

Louly said...

Whoops I commented in the wrong place! DOH!