Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Minute Christmas Card

Thanks to all of you who joined in last week and made a card inspired by something in your homes. We hope it made you look at everyday things in a new way.

Just in case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is just around the corner - less than two weeks to go now!
So as we hurtle headlong towards the big day we thought we'd help you out just a little bit with those last minute cards.
Every year we find ourselves needing a few extra cards, even when we thought we'd got plenty, so this dare is all about super-quick Christmas crafting.
We want to see cards that take only a few minutes, but of course don't look it!
Make just one, or see how many you can make in an hour ot's up to you.
On your marks.... get set......Go Go Go
Here are some from the team to get you thinking - and please come back and let us know where we can see your creations. Have fun.


Andrea, said...

Great challenge, my very quick card is on my blog.

My card

Jackie said...

Great challenge, my quick and easy card is HERE
Thanks Kathy :)

Ellen said...

I like those quick , at the last minute ones . i grab my embossing folder and turn one out in a few minutes.

mine can be seen here

Claire Mackaness said...

Just what I needed to help me get my own xmas cards finished!Heres mine

Crafting Queen said...

Great samples by the DT.
Mine is here
Thanks for looking

Powerful Search Engine said...

Here is mine TFL
Pascale :)

Tine said...

Hello @ all!
It´s my premium at you!
Here is mine:
Thanks for looking!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs Tine

Nick said...

Thank you-thats all of my christmas cards done now-I was flagging towards the end so just the boost I needed!
here's mine

CLARE said...

Thankyou for this challenge, I love the DT examples and it got me fired up to make a few much needed cards
heres mine

Carol said...

Great idea as we are all so busy!

is my 10 minute card :)

Carol x

Kreativgeschwafel said...

Wonderful theme and perfect to catch another card for Christmas ... I'm not yet finished with them ...
Here's my card

Judy said...

At last, my cards are on my blog, please click on the image to enlarge, Blogger is not allowing me to upload my usual medium images!! Grrrr!
Thanks for looking
Still don't know how to link straight to my cards!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Very timely challenge as I still have some cards to make and not enough time:

Arianne said...

My cards are finished already.
Maybe not in 10 minutes, but they came together pretty darn quick! ;0))

You can view them here, here and here.


Maria Matter said...

This was fun!
Old World Santa!
Blessings, Maria

Lynsey said...

Hi thanks for a great challenge, this was just what I needed!
My card is Here
Hugs Lynsey :)

Amy xx said...


great challenge, i managed to finish off my christmas cards so thank you, i made 6 of these in 20 minutes, Im really pleased with the results

Thanks and see you next week


My Blog

Hazel said...

Great cards from the team - amazing what can be done in the time. There's a card from me here

Annie said...

Great idea for a challenge, but guess who wasn't paying attention? Yep me! I got the 10 minute bit but forgot it had to be a Christmas card - what a dumpling?
Anyway hope to be forgiven and will make New Year Resolution to read instructions far more carefully.

Ann xxx

ikki said...

This card actually took 11 minutes because I couldn't find the stickers. If (there's always an if) I had, I think I could do this in 8 minutes or under. A good thought just in case I have forgotten anyone!

Thanks ikki

Anonymous said...

I managed to create a card in 10 minutes because I needed a birthday card. I wasn't paying attention that it has to be a christmas card. So I hope mine input counts too:

Here's mine

Caro said...

How true is that! I have about 6 more to make so used this challenge to make 3 of them in 30 minutes. You can see them here:

Leonie said...

What a great challenge! I still need some cards and I don't have much time anymore! Your cards show that you can make great cards in 10minutes!

Here is my card!

~ Leonie ~

Sarah said...

Thanks for the dare, just what I needed! Beautiful samples! Mine can be found here.


Rosanne said...

I had a chance to complete this dare! probably because it only took 10 minutes,lol!

Here's a link to my card: my blog

craft mad Jenny said...

A few quick makes from me!
Click here for mine.

Sam said...

Here's my first daring card!!

I think that it takes ten minutes, but it could take longer if you fiddle about with it to try and get it to look the way that you want it to!! ;-)

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Great challenge. Here is my 10 minute card.
x Natasha x

Cardmaking Galore said...

Great challenge for the week before Christmas. I always fall short of Chrismtas cards somehow. You can find my card


Sue said...

Great challenge, lovely DT cards, think mine looks quick to!! haha, here is my effort.

Thanks for looking. sue.x

Lisa Fulmer said...

i was done with my xmas cards, but not my xmas gifts, so this challenge was good for making another's here - thanks for having a look!

Evelina Wikberg said...

This was a challenge and a half. Really enjoyed it! Here is my Entry

Caro said...

Don't laugh but I found that I still didn't have enough cards so made 4 more in 40 minutes which also qualify for this challenge LOL. You can see them here:

DMG said...

I made this card during my homeroom's holiday party yesterday. Some of the girls got interested and borrowed my supplies to make cards with me. Good times!

Tip Top said...

Here we go! Should do a time trial more often - saves me from faffing around too much!! Here is mine!

Jan said...

Wonderful samples by the DT!

here's mine.

Susie Little said...

Better late than never!
HERE is my card!

Susie xx