Friday, October 26, 2012

Let There be Light!

This week it's me (Kathy) here to set the challenge, but before I do we really must say a big Thank You for sharing all those wonderfully HAPPY cards for Keilly's dare last week - we definitely enjoyed a HAPPY tour around all the cards you linked.

On to this week now though...

You probably agree that on those bright "blue" days, Autumn is a beautiful time of the year  - but I really hate it when the days get short and the weather is so dreary that it never seems to be light at all.  Over here in the UK the clocks go back this weekend and that doesn't help my mood one bit! 
So....this week I'd like you all to help lighten and brighten things up a bit!
Let There be Light
You could use Candles, Lanterns, Fairy Lights. celebrate Diwali
 or other Festivals of Light. Or maybe make a card to announce a 
great idea - you know; a "Lightbulb moment"!
Oh..and...would you believe that this is Dare 52 of DCM Year 6:- so if you want to make a card featuring a nice big birthday cake with candles on then that would be perfect, wouldn't it?, hehe

The team have, as usual produced some "brilliant" cards this week which we hope will help inspire you.  Sadly this is Kate's last week with us as our Guest Designer - but we hope she'll come back and play with us again soon ;).  Thank you Kate for being such a fab GD - it's been a total pleasure sharing your work on our blog.
Now over to you, have fun!








Tara Cardwell said...

love the wide variety of DT inspiration this week - great cards!

Leah l'Orange said...

SUPER cute cards - thank you for the inspiration! Gez's card is a HOOT! :)

Janine said...

Great DT cards - so many lights!