Friday, November 10, 2017

Warm Woolen Mittens

 Hello Crafters

Thank you so much for joining in with last week's Challenge, we hope you enjoyed using that lovely cosy picture in your crafting.

It's fair to say that Christmas is on its way, and we thought we'd do the same as last year and have a bit of seasonal fun with our crafting.  So for the next few weeks we'll be mixing it up a bit on here - sometimes there will be card challenges, but sometimes we';; be asking you to join us in making other things too!  We call this series of challenges "Step Away from the Cards". This week though, we're sticking with card making and out challenge is

Warm Woollen Mittens

We'd like you to make a card featuring some Winter Clothing - it doesn't have to be mittens, it could be Boots, Gloves, Scarves etc.  And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and just stepping into Summer, maybe you'll be thinking more along the lines of swimsuits as we draw closer to Christmas!

Here's what the team have come up with this week







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