Friday, August 13, 2021

Very superstitious

Hello, Joanne here with today's challenge but first a thank you for playing along with our summery, minty-fresh mood board last week!

How superstitious are you? Is Friday 13th unlucky in your book? Today's challenge is to be inspired by a superstition! Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

Throw a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder to blind the devil - you might feature an image of a little devil or a salt pot. Or use actual salt in your project (e.g. make a salted watercolour background).

Knock on wood for luck - use woodgrain pattern or something made of actual wood on your project. 

Breaking a mirror is seven years’ bad luck - use mirror card, a mirror image or a shattered pattern.

Many superstitions are specific to a culture so tell us about the superstition you’ve used in case it’s one we don’t know! 

Here's what the team made this week - visit our blogs and you may learn a bit more about the superstitions that inspired us!







This week's cover:

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