Friday, March 23, 2007

Twins or More

Hi, from Keryn and it's my turn to set the Dare this week. Doesn't there seem to be more and more multiple births around at the moment. Or perhaps I'm just noticing as a member of my family is due to deliver twins in September this year.

Your dare for this week is to create a card using any technique, any style, to welcome the birth of multiples. If you keep the card long enough there is bound to be someone you know having twins or more to send it to.

Here's the design teams cards to get you going, details of how they made their card will be on their individual blogs. We love seeing your creations and as always there are two ways to share them with us. Either leave a message with your blog link so we can come and see, or email us at, with your name and website if you have one. Remember to let us know how you put your card together.





Tracie AKA Bondgirl




Andrea C (Frog) said...

Great cards has usual ladies, mines on my blog.

Andrea xx

Rachel said...

gorgeous cuties cards girls. Ive posted one from my old stock (so please visit my blog!), will try and do a new one soon.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Great cards ladies.
Sorry I won't be participating this week.
Will check back when I get home to see what everyone else has done & I might make a pairs card but no baby items or references to babies to feature on the blog right now.
Someone I know is hurting & he reads it.xx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

What a wonderful selection of cards from you ladies! Just about to check the links out too! here is my effort:-

gaby braun said...

Your cards are very beautiful.
Here is my card. I loved to make it!

Sarah said...

Great cards as always! I've just finished mine its on my blog.

Kathy said...

Paula, that's so sad about what happened to your friends. I can understand why you don't want to show a card on your blog.

If you did still want to make one you could always add it to the gallery instead.

Jayrewcraft said...

Well to be honest the thought of a multiple birth terrifies me!! How do you cope with one, let alone more than one!!!!!

Well I have had a go at the challenge - see here

Thank you for the challenge and inspiration.
Jayne xx

Rika said...

Beautiful cards ladies!
Here is
my first card for DCM

Sheila said...

Gorgeous cards from the team again.I will have to check out everyone else's in the morning now.

Mine is at-: thoughts are with you and your friends.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

What a great site. What great cards. I have just discovered you, can I wait a bit before I join in please?


artfulstampin said...

Lovely cards, mines on my blog.

Esther said...

Just loaded mine onto blog!

Rachel said...

I have completed 2 cards for this dare - twin boys and a twin girls - please check out my blog - thanks for looking x

Paula thanks for visiting hun, totally understand and thinking of you and your friends xxxxx

Lynne said...

My card has been added to my Blog - thanks for the gentle SHOVE Rachel ;)

Leni said...

Wonderful cards!
Here is my firstmini card for this great blog.

Andrea said...

I'm back girls!!!

Can't wait to get on this dare...wooo hooo !

Maybe I'll just have to do 2... :)

Mary-Beth said...

Love you cards ladies and I finally was able to join another dare. The card's on my blog and I really hope it doesn't upset anyone! LOL

Andrea said...

I did it...phewwwww after a month of nothing I finally did it...

Thanks ladies :)...missed yah..


Jukie said...

You all have done some amazing cards, here is my contribution!

Sari K. said...

Lovely cards ladys!
I've made one, it's on my blog.

Flower said...

Well, I took the dare even though it's not quite traditional. The ones here and on the listed blogs are so sweet!!

Bex said...

Fab cards!
I have played and taken a very naff pic of a very simple Bex effort!
Thanks girls ........ off to read "sunshine challenge"!
Pics on blog .........

Love Bex xxxxx

Jo said...

Cant believe how well timed this one is! I actually made a card the other week for my sister who gave birth to twin boys. Its not the best of photos, but please check it out!
Fab cards people!

Maura Miller said...

Beautiful cards. MY card is on my blog.

Bex said...

Hi Girls!!
OK have done a boy version - BUT please ignore the poor stitching - my sewing machine is now officially out of action until Saturday when i buy new needles! How will I cope!!!!!!

Thanks again for a fun challenge x
Will be back on Friday to see what the new challenge is!

Have a good rest of week xxxx
Love bex

Suesjoy said...

Beautiful cards!
I haven't seen anything like these in the US!!
Just lovely.

BondGirl said...

Sandie has joined in our dare with two great cards for twins. Check them out in our gallery

Gillian said...

Wonderful to have your cards in the gallery Sandie, they are both lovely!!!.. :o)

BondGirl said...

Ros has joined in our dare with her twin card suitable for girls, boys or one of each! Look at it here

Kathy said...

Great cards Sandie and Ros
I really enjoy having a peek in the gallery and browsing all the lovely cards that are there