Friday, September 30, 2016

Making Memories

Hello and thank you to everyone that played along last week.
 It was great to see who inspires you to get crafty and lovely to see all these inspiring blogs.
Its Dawn hosting this weeks challenge and I have picked....
I have been so sentimental lately and remembering lots of happy times. So I would like you to create a card with a meaning or memory behind it and explain the meaning of your creation. Perhaps who it's for, why you made it and the memories it made.
I will start you off with a trip down my memory lane.
This card was created because my daughter loves MLP but as a child I wanted the My Little Pony Grooming Parlour and as it wasn't my birthday my Dad made me one from pink and blue card for my cotton candy pony. I remember the carriage kept falling apart as my Dad used flour and water as glue but at the time it was brilliant. Thanks Dad. xxx


I made this card remembering the beautiful starry sky we saw in the Orcas island. 

My birthday is the day before October 31st...Halloween. Every year when I was very small, I thought that all the celebrating was especially for me. :)

Memories of growing up in a seaside village - playing on the sand, or clambering over the rocks, exploring the rockpools with a bucket to collect shells, little crabs, sea anemones and other treasures


 I created my card with happy memories of the many hours spent playing in my dolls house.. my happy place as a child ♥

This card reminds me of my favourite childhood activity (colouring) and a crazy night out with my friends and a blue unicorn.

Not a card but a little booklet to hold a CD with photos from a day-trip to Amsterdam and to see a Banksy-exhibition there.
Text translates: I'm sorry, I do not have a photo for you today.


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Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Thanks so much for the great challenge and for the fabulous inspiration by the DT. Memories are so much fun! Have a great day! Hugs, Gloria