Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank you for the inspiration

Good morning, crafters. Thank you for showing us your cards inspired by beloved books.

Today I want you to say THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION.

There are some lucky girls out there who are able to craft and blog for a living (and their blogs have thousands of followers and their video tutorials are watched by hundreds each hour ;-). But I am sure that you've come across a crafty lady (or gentleman) whose blog has only a few followers, but has inspired you a lot. So here is the opportunity to get to know some brilliant, yet not so well-known, crafters and get new inspiration.

Create a card that’s inspired by the style, blog or a certain card of another crafter, who is not super famous yet (=less than 3-400 followers).

Don’t forget to put the link to the blog or the card that inspired you on your blog post so that we can get to know other crafters too.

And it would be great if you would leave a comment on their blog and say

Have a look who inspires the Design Team members.

Miri   (Inspired by Sarah)

Svenja (Inspired by Ulrike)

Dawn  (Inspired by Karen)

Kathy (Inspired by Joanne)

Purvi    (Inspired by Suchi)

Dianne  (inspired by JustJohanna)

Miri (Inspired by Jenny)


1 comment :

Marianne said...

What a fun challenge prompt, and some wonderful inspiration by the DT!