Friday, July 27, 2018

Hello and Welcome!

Thank God it’s Friday – we have a right heatwave here in Germany and I can’t wait for the weekend to begin.
All your wonderful summery cards last week made the heat a little easier to bear – and now we all have tons of inspiration for the next summer weekend ahead – yay!

But don’t let the sunshine keep you from crafting. Of course we have a challenge prepared for you:
Welcome Cards
A while ago we had Farewell Cards as a theme, so let’s go for the opposite now! Maybe a new baby has arrived or you want to welcome a new co-worker? Or maybe someone has been travelling and you’d like to welcome them back? Never miss an opportunity to tell someone “Hey, welcome, I’m glad you’re here!” So, who are you happy about right now?

Or maybe you want to take a look at the extra inspiration the Design Team members have prepared for you:






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