Friday, June 29, 2007

Beady Eyed

WOW! We so enjoyed seeing all your cards for this weeks LE as well as your fantastic creations for Rhi's dare. Every week we are blown away by the amazing talent and creativity that we see.

Well this week is my dare (Saffa). Its quite a simple challenge really. All I ask is that you make use of beads on your cards. They can be seed beads, big chunky beads or little sequins, whatever takes your fancy.

We can't wait to see your designs....I hope you don't go all beady eyed by the end of the week!!

We have another new Guest Designer joining us for the next couple of weeks> We're
thrilled to announce that the immensely talented Sheila (manicstamper) has agreed to join in with our dares. Sheila is an inspirational stamper and regularly teaches and demonstrates cardmaking techniques - she's even appeared on TV - so it's a real honour to have her on the team.

Don't forget to leave us a comment with your blog link to show us your creations. If you haven't got a blog you can still join in by sending a pic of your card to the team at We will add it to our gallery and share the link right here on the blog.

Here's the Design Team's Cards to get you inspired!







Monday, June 25, 2007

Gimme Some Lovin'

The cards you've made for Rhi's tags and Packaging Dare have been so fab, it's amazing to think that things that normally go straight in the bin can be used in such a creative way. We'll all be looking at the tags on our shopping in a different way from now on!
There's still plenty of time to join in with the main dare this week and we'd love to see more of your cards. Wherever you are, whatever your style, the DCM wants to hear from YOU!

So what Little Extra treat have we dreamed up for you to play with this week?
Well, there's a lot of wedding talk around on the design team with two weddings coming up soon. So inspired by this we'd like you to put some LOVE into your cards this week. Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement or simply to say "I love You" - there are lots of opportunities to get lovey-dovey and slushy, so get out all the romantic stash out and show us what you can do. After all, you know what they say;
"All you need is Love,
Love, Love"

Here are some cards from the team to help get you started, don't forget to leave a message when you're done so we can all come and see your Love themed works of art.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Hi, its Rhi here his week! Wow! What an amazing response for Lythan's {EM}Boss Dare and the FABULOUS little extra. It's great to see so many inspired cardmakers, thank you to each and every one of you who has joined in and shared your creation.

Now onto this weeks dare...

Everything we buy has packaging, some of it excessive, some of it beautifully designed. Tags, labels, stickers... all sorts of bits and bobs that we can recycle onto cards.

I dare you to make a card using a tag, label, sticker or anything else you can find, thats from packaging and would normally end up in the bin. Of course you can ink it, change it, distress it and add anything else you like!

If you're feeling brave, I DOUBLE DARE you to make it a card for a man!

Don't forget to leave us a comment with your blog link to show us your creations. If you haven't got a blog you can still join in by sending a pic of your card to the team at We will add it to our gallery and share the link right here on the blog.

Here's the Design Team's Cards to get you inspired!



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quite simply, FABULOUS

That's what the response to Lythan's Embossing dare has been and we're in awe of all the wonderful cards you've been showing us. Remember, our main dares run for a whole week so there's still lots of time to join in before the next one comes around on Friday!

Just to keep you busy between dares we like to throw out a Little Eztra challenge to tempt you with in the missle of the week, and this time we have a Word Challrngr for you to play with. So the word we want you to take inspiration from this week is
We've some cards from the Design team to show, just to get you started, and more wiull probably appear on our personal blogs in the next few days. When you've made your Fab Fabbylicious Fabulous card, don't forget to leave us a message so we can all come and ooooh and ahhhhh
Have fun!

PS. Congratulations to regular darer Ruth who has given birth to a little boy - and congrats to Auntie Esther too!

Friday, June 15, 2007

You're not the (em)boss of me

Hi there playmates, its Lythan here!
Doing these dares is such a joy. We all love seeing what you create so much. The way that you have taken up and run with both the Celestial dare and the Midweek extra this week has just been awesome.

As a reward - and as I was so strict last time I set a dare - here is a nice broad theme to get your creative juices flowing.
Dry embossing with a light box or with a die cutting machine.
Using embossing powders or triple embossing.
Using pre-embossed papers.
Embossing with found items.
Just have fun playing!

And as I can't resist being a little (em)bossy - why not see if you can get more than one emboss technique on your card?

Without further ado - here are the team's take on the dare. And let me introduce our new guest designer - Leo. It's great working with you Leo


RhiKirsty's bonus card


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

A Great BIG Thank You to all you fabby cardmakers who've shown your star quality and joined in with Keryn's Celestial challenge - remember there's still a few days left for you to have your astronomical and astrological cards added to our star billing links list.

This week we have a recipe challenge for the Little Extra. There's an old rhyme that tells brides what they should wear on their wedding day to be sure of good luck, it goes:
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
and Something Blue

This week we'd like you to incorporate these four things into your card -
It doesn't have to be a Wedding card, despite the verse - just as long as your card features each of those things on it.
Borrowed could be borrowed from another card, some ribbon from a chocolate box, a tiny piece "borrowed" from a child's hair ribbon, even a postage stamp from an old envelope, it could also be an item or technique borrowed from a different crafty sphere...
And before you ask - whilst you're allowed to use a sewing machine to make your card - it CAN'T be your borrowed item - as that would be just TOO EASY and this is supposed to be a challenge, isn't it! hehehe
Here are some ideas from the Design team, but we'd love to see how you get on with this recipe, so don't forget to leave us a message so we can come and visit.

Friday, June 08, 2007


We are so enjoying seeing the creations you are coming up with for Kel's I can see clearly dare and all the cards made not using any adhesives for our latest little extra. Kirsty Wiseman is doing a sterling job as our Guest Designer and will be continuing with us for this dare too.

Hi it's Keryn here and it's my turn to set the dare this week. This time I asked my family for ideas for this weeks dare and the best amongst a lot of ideas including power tools etc, etc was Lachlan's ideas for Space. It's been his topic at school this term. (Lachlan is seven and in Year 3). To make in a little easier on you all I've called it Celestial to also include horoscopes as well as planets, spaceships, stars, suns etc. How you use these items is up to you.

Don't forget to leave us a comment with your blog link to show us your interpretation of the dare. If you haven't got a blog don't worry you can still join in, send a photo or scan of your card to the team at and we will add it to our gallery and share the link right here on the blog.




Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Not So Sticky Challenge

We're all really enjoying seeing the fab cards you've been making for the "I can see clearly now" dare, and there's still plenty of time to join in if you'd like to play along - the more the merrier, as they say....
This week's Little Extra challenge is from an idea of Gillian's - she's always coming up with these fiendish ideas, you know!

"how's about a dare where you can't use any adhesives at all...
You have to put them away...
No tape, no gluesticks, no Xyron, no modpodge.... and all other sticky things....
the only things you can use are things like staples, stitching, brads, eyelets, pins.... that sort of thing to attach all the bits to your card."

er, okay..... that sounds like fun....we think....
We can't wait to see what all y
ou guys come up with for this one.
Post a message on this thread when you're done and we'll come and see what "no glue" cards you've made. Here's some ideas from the Design Team: