Friday, January 30, 2009

Prints Charming

It has been great to see all the different ways you have been using hearts this week. Thank you for sharing your creations with us. Now let us see how inventive you can be with my (Lythan's) dare. I just love, love, love patterned paper so this week I dare you to join me in

Patterned Paper Passion

I want to see 3 different patterned papers on your card.
And to be extra daring, why not see if you can use 3 different lines of paper!
Please link in the usual ways so that we can come and see what you have made!





Tracie AKA Bondgirl





Thursday, January 22, 2009

Give it some Heart.

Hi it's Keryn here today to set this weeks dare for you all. But before I do I'd like to say Thank you to all of you that joined with us for Jo's 'Get Someone Else to Make It' dare. I think we may have found some very hidden talent with this one.

My dare for this one is the predictable, someone had to do it, theme of Valentines. Although I don't want you to feel you just have to make Valentines Day cards, feel free to make a card fitting any theme you like as long as it has a heart somewhere on it. Stamped hearts, punched hearts, diecut hearts, heart embellishments, cut from patterned paper, whatever, whenever as long as it has the right shape.

We always want to see your creations so leave us a comment pointing us in the direction of blog/website/gallery.

Here are some gorgeous creations from the design team to get you started: -

Tracie (Bondgirl)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Get someone else to make it!

Hello all, Jo here this week to dare you.... Thank you for joining last week's dare, it was fabulous to see bits being recycled and turned into card embellishments.

This week starts nice and easy...

Any card, any theme and any colour scheme of your choosing - but the catch... some one else must actually make and assemble the card for you... (with your supervision)!

Friends, relatives, or if there is no one close to hand, why not send instructions via email.

The Daring Cardmakers have had loads of fun getting someone else to make their cards for this dare. Have a good week and I can't wait to see what amazing cards you all come up with.

Jo (with the enlisted help of Jason)
Jozza (card assembled by 7yr old Abigail)Keryn (made by Cathryn)
Sue (BoJangles refused to help so Lythan assembled my card for me)
Lythan (who swapped with Sue)
Kathy (made by Lisa, following my written instructions)
Vanessa, put together by her DD
Rein (made by neighbour, aged 2yrs)

Friday, January 09, 2009

'Tis the Recycle!

We loved all the cards you shared with us for our "Thank You" cards challenge - what wonderful ideas and inspiration you give to us all. We hope you'll be just as creative and inspiring with this week's dare!

We'd like you to do your bit for the planet and make a card using some recycled items.
Yes, we know we've done similar challenges in the past, but some things are good to revisit and this is one of them - it gets us looking at stuff we might be throwing away and asking ourselves if there's some card-making mileage to be had from it.
And besides, it's FREE!
If you can use something rescued from Christmas rubbish (scraps from cards, decorations etc) - then you get double points! lol

Please come back and let us know where we can see your Recycling Creations, we can't wait to see them. Here are some cards from the Team - don't forget to check our personal blogs to find out more about what was recycled to make the cards.


Friday, January 02, 2009

Giving Thanks

So, here we are, back again after our little Christmas Break - we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

We bet you're now ready to put away all that Christmas stash, at least for a while - but there's something which must be done before the present-giving season fades into memory, and that of course, is to say Thank You properly for all those gifts we so enjoyed opening.

So this week's Daring Cardmakers task is to get those Thank You cards made and sent - see how we like to help you get things done (hehe)?
Anything goes this week as long as that all-important Thank You" message is there.

Don't forget to come back and tell us where we can see your "Thank You" cards - we love to see what you've made and it's always inspiring to see how everyone responds to the challenges.

Here are some cards from the Team - and btw, we'd all like to say a great big THANK YOU to every single one of you for visiting the blog and joining in with the dares during 2008.
We'd also like to wish you a very happy, healthy and craft-filled New Year!

Jozza Keryn