Friday, December 19, 2008

Traditional Gold and Silver

Thank you to everyone who joined in with last week's 10 minute Christmas card dare. There were some amazing cards done in such little time!!

This week, we're setting another team dare which is to use traditional silver and gold on your cards. We'll leave it up to you as to whether or not you make a Christmas card. As its Boxing Day next Friday, we're having a week off, but be sure to check back in the New Year on Friday 2nd January for the first dare of 2009!!


Here are a few team examples to get your mojo going and please pop back giving us a link to your cards :-


Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Minute Christmas Card

Thanks to all of you who joined in last week and made a card inspired by something in your homes. We hope it made you look at everyday things in a new way.

Just in case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is just around the corner - less than two weeks to go now!
So as we hurtle headlong towards the big day we thought we'd help you out just a little bit with those last minute cards.
Every year we find ourselves needing a few extra cards, even when we thought we'd got plenty, so this dare is all about super-quick Christmas crafting.
We want to see cards that take only a few minutes, but of course don't look it!
Make just one, or see how many you can make in an hour ot's up to you.
On your marks.... get set......Go Go Go
Here are some from the team to get you thinking - and please come back and let us know where we can see your creations. Have fun.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Be Inspired at Home

Hi Everyone. Kathy here this week - and have I got a challenge for you this time! Are you scared yet? You should be! But first, a huge Thanks you to everyone who joined in last week's dare, the cards were all fabulous and we really enjoyed seeing all the different designs you came up with for Jane's White with Pink Christmas.

This week you can make any card you like - so it can still be for Christmas, or to say Thank You or a card for any occasion you like, but I'd like you to look for your inspiration right there, in your home.
The idea is that you look around your home and find a pattern, design, motif etc - or just part of one that you can replicate and use as the inspiration for your card design
You could use the pattern of the floor or wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, or even your patio tiles
Or maybe there's a pattern/motif that's used on a picture frame, wallpaper or curtains.
Or how about checking your crockery, a vase, an ornament for a motif you could develop into a design for a card
Once you start looking around, you'll see loads of little design motifs that can work for you - at least I hope you will!
And now I'm going to be really greedy and say that it would be especially good if you could add a photo of the original item when you write your blog!
I don't ask for much, do I? hehehe
Here are some cards from the Design Team - they were very quiet after I posted this dare for them - I was beginning to think it was A Dare Too Far! Hope it's not too scary for all you Daring Cardmakers out there. Please come back and leave a message when you've had a go at this one and we'll be along to see what you've created