Friday, January 04, 2013

Ribbon Reel Winner (scroll down for new dare)

It's worth reading the simple rules when we have prizes to give away.  As long as you do that and comply - usually just a case of adding the store link of our generous sponsor and one for us too, then you'll be in our draw - and we do check before we name the winner.....

You'd be amazed at how many people miss out on a lovely treat because they forgot to check those rules.  Of course that means those who do have a greater chance of winning, doesn't it?
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The winner of our Christmas and New Year prize voucher from the fabulous
Ribbon Reel is.......
Well done Marina. we hope you will have a wonderful time spending your £10 voucher - you'll be spoilt for choice when you check out what is available there.  Please contact Keilly  with your details and she will sort everything out for you

A huge Thank You to The Ribbon Reel for offering another fab prize - we recommend you all go and enjoy a good swoon over the goodies on offer there, and be tempted to add a few to your shopping basket to brighten up the start of 2013!


Christine said...

I usually check the rules for each challenge. I could not find a tab at the top or a note in the sidebar for the rules. Where do you post them if you wish people to refer to them?

Kathy said...

Hi Christine - the rules for any prize draw are on the post announcing that particular challenge - so in this case the requirements were on the "Monkey" dare post and the following week's "Paper Piecing" post.

Christine said...

My concern was that you commented that you must provide a sponsor link. That is an unusual request for blogs. A link to the challenge site, yours, is a common request and one that is only fair. However, a link to the sponsor is not one that I'd ever seen before and I had never noticed this as a requirement despite playing with you before. Is this a new-ish request?

Kathy said...

It's only when we have a "sponsored" dare - it seems fair that when someone is kind enough to offer a prize that their "gift" is acknowledged in some way.

Marina said...

I'm very pleased to be the lucky winner! Thanks very much- will go off and email Keilly.

Marina said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I've received my prize, and tell you what a lovely sponsor you have. Keilly from the Ribbon Reel noticed I lived in a neighbouring town to her and hand-delivered my chosen items round to me, meaning there were no postage costs and I got the whole £10 in products.

Thanks once again.