Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just imagine...

That's your Little Extra challenge for this week - make a card inspired by this one little word


How you do it and what you use is up to you. We'd love to see what you come up with so don't forget to leave us a message so we can all come and look at your creations.
Don't forget, there's still lots of time to Raid Your Wardrobe for more ideas on the Friday Dare theme, so dig out those handbags, hats, shoes, favourite dresses, T-shirts, jeans or whatever else is lurking in there....well, within reason.....and make us a card. We're all here, waiting with bated breath to see what you come up with for this one, so don't let us down!

Right, some Imagine cards to get you thinking:


Paula J Atkinson said...

Lovely cards, dreamy idea for a dare.
My offering is over on my blog.
Picture is crap but it is for work tomorrow.


Andrea said...

my internet is has been down the last little bit!...I'm getting these challenges done tonight!

Pearl said...

Wowee wower cards here !

It certainly was way harder than I thought .........

Mine's up on the blog !



Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Very inspiring cards, ladies - especially inspiring for me was Pearl's Imagine card this time round. Thank you, Pearl! My card is now on my blog.

Mary-Beth said...

This one brought back a lot of old memories and wishes. Thanks for the jog down memory lane!!

Mine's on my blog. Can't wait to check out the other's!!!

Lara said...

this didn't turn out as I 'imagined' but I've done it & learned lots in the process :-) mainly about what not to do LOL.

Andrea said...

I did it...just posted my card...a little late but what the hey! :)