Monday, January 08, 2007

What a load of old rubbish!!

We hope you're still making your blingy 'beadiful cards - We've seen some fab cards so far, please keep them coming, we love to see your work.

Just as a little midweek extra and to help you use the various bits and pieces scavenged from the Christmas and New Year festivities, we would like you to use something leftover to make a card.

You could use a bit of ribbon from a cracker, paper from a paper hat, a piece of leftover wrapping paper, a bit of card/paper/ribbon from a box of chocs - as long as it's something saved, or scavenged it's allowed!

Of course, it does not have to be Christmas leftovers, I am sure that you all have bits and pieces lovingly saved from being chucked out in the rubbish!!

To get you started, here are some examples made by the design team;

Jo Kathy

Just a note- The DCM blog has now switched over to 'Beta' - unfortunately the process meant that some peoples past comments have switched to an 'anonymous status' for which we appologise !


Anonymous said...

Great 'extra' girls, & gorgeous cards... I'll be off to play then!

Pearl said...

Fab cards ! certainly no rubbish ! lol

mine's up on my blog !



Kathy said...


We've just changed over to the new version of blogger so some comments have registered as anon for some reason - can you add your names/links in the message body for a while just to be on the safe side.


Paula J Atkinson said...

fab cards as always girls!!!
I only read of the dare this morning so it will be later on tonight before you see mine. But i already know exactly what I'm doing!!!!

rubberdubber said...

Great dare (it made me use some of the packaging mountain I've been hoarding for a rainy day) and lovely cards.

Paula J Atkinson said...

After a bit of arguing, the camera did allow me a reasonable shot of my mid wk xtra.
Not one of my better efforts, but this "back to work after xmas break" lark is killing me. I just want to sleeeep!!!!
How I envy these who stay home all day!!!

Gillian said...

I'm done, my cards on my blog..
Thanks girls...
Seeing my rubbish with all new eyes.. just what a collector needs more things to collect.. LOL

Lara said...

these are gorgeous... have to have a search for something saved!

Andrea said...

Well I'm glad I finally am sitting and scrappn' sorta :)

I' did the midweek challenge :)

Your cards are lovley ladies..Inspirational as always.


Susan Hurley-Luke said...

I love everyone's 'rubbish' cards! It's good to know I am not the only one who scavanges things from all sorts of places. I finished my card earlier today but Blogger wouldn;t let me load it then. It's on my blog now :-)

Tracie H said...

I loved this challenge...Im such a hoarder! My cards on my blog.

Lara said...

thanks for the inspiration. posted my attempt on my blog :-)

Anam_Kihaku said...

stunning cards :) i have mine done and on my blog :) thanks for all the inspiration girls :) you ROCK!

BondGirl said...

Ros has joined in our scraps dare after salvaging some ribbon from xmas biscuits. You can see her card here