Friday, May 04, 2007

Fight or Flight ?

Hiya Everyone !
So this week is my turn to set the dare (Jane)...So without further ado here is is
You can pick any subject, any colour but the card has to incorporate WINGS of some sort-so you can do - butterflies, angels, fairies, insects,birds........anything basically if it has wings!

AND this week is a special week because we have a SPOT PRIZE up for grabs !! All you have to do is show us a card for this dare and you'll go in a draw for a spot prize from the DCM team- we will announce the winner on next weeks dare launch (Friday 11th May) So come on- you really have no excuse now not to join in !

Have a look below to see what our lovely design team has come up with to hopefully give you some inspiration. As always, you can share your work with everyone in two ways. Either leave a message with your blog link so we can come and see, or email your pictures to us at , with your name and website if you have one.

Tracie AKA Bondgirl






Bex said...

Fantastic Challenge girls!

I love the cards this week - really made me smile x

Not sure what wings I have but I will try to do something!!

Love Bex

Dollydimps said...

I'm liking wings!
Lovely selection of cards as always!

Paula Whittaker said...

Fab challenge and wonderful cards very awe inspiring!

Cheating a little as I made it on Wednesday...hope thats ok *blush*


Di said...

Great challenge and as always a fantastic set of inspirational starters for ten.


Andrea C (Frog) said...

Great cards ladies has usual i have done mine on my blog.

Andrea xx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Ooh I am really loving the darer's cards - fabulous!

Here is my effort:-

Wendy -x-

Rachel said...

wow what an amazing variation in styles - hope to be back joining in soon, thanks for the inspiration xx

Patsy Jackson said...

Great challenge! I've already made mine too (hope that's OK?). It's the first time I've taken part in this challenge as just found this site!

It's on my blog dated 28th April - Happy Birthday Grandma!

I cut the Dragonfly on my card with a Cricut using 3 different colours of vellum which I then embossed (no mean feat I can tell you!).

Keep up the fab work here!!

Patsy x

Sam said...

Lol @ Patsy...welcome to the Dares ;o)

Absolutely stunningly fantastic cards from the to have a nosey round the individual blogs in a much inspiration on here

My efforts on my blog...thanks in advance for looking ;o)

~ Sam

Tracey said...

WOW girls what a great dare. Think I'll join in with this one!

Tracey x

Paula J Atkinson said...

Great cards ladies.
Ive manaed to do two of your challenges in two days & am feeling quite chuffed with myself!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW the DT cards are just beautiful. I love this dare and plan to give it a whirl today :O)

Scripture by Design said...

Great variety of interpretations this time :)
As Mel said last time...I think I'm addicted! I couldn't wait for 9pm to rock around (even though I was busy) so I could see what the theme was!!
Mine is over on my blog. See you there!

Anonymous said...

Finally finished mine after much procrastination this time.
I'm so sad, I'll be away for the next big dare and the next two little ones on Tuesdays :O( But I'll be back into them after then ofcourse :O)
P.s. My card is here

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I can't comment on blogs where you have to sign in with a google account because I don't have one - but I just wanted to say that I'm checking all the links and everybody's cards are just beautiful. It's so fun seeing what everybody comes up with.

Sari K. said...

Very nice challenge. And awesome cards ladies!
My card is on my blog.

Andrea said...

Your cards are gorgeous!!

So happy to be back..Tax season is done..Woohooo, Life can resume somewhat of a normal pace now....Off to complete this fab. dare :)

Andrea *smile*

Sheila said...

Fab dare and such gorgeous cards from the team.
Unfortunately I don't have time to play this in making a new card so mine is one I made some time are soooo going to shout at me when you see it.

Esther said...

Wow this looks like a popular subject!

I have just added mine...

Sarah said...

Gorgeous caards as always ! mines on my blog;

Rika said...

Great cards as always ladies!
Me entry is on my blog

Leni said...

Wonderful cards.
my ATC's

Samm said...

Great challenge, I couldn't resist!!! here's mine at
Samm : )

ps, fantastic blog, well done!

Allison Rankin said...

Here's mine...thanks for the challenges!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards ladies, it's been a while since i did a challenge so i thought i'd better join in this


Flower said...

These are so different, it's excellent! I must go to the individuals right now and see them all!
I posted mine at:

Anonymous said...

Added my card today for the challenge. If you look at the card before it that I posted on Thursday it fits in perfectly with the challenge as well. I love butterflies. Thanks!!! -Samantha

Unknown said...

OoOh just found your blog via UKscrappers so here I am, funnily I have just done a card with butterflies on it so I will enter this fabulous dare!!! it is on my blog half way down my page

Many thanks

Alex xx from UK

Kim said...

Check out my wing-themed design on my blog:

I love your challenges, very fun!!Many thanks!!

Tammy said...

I did one this time too.
Had fun making my Angel on my blog here

Kaz said...

I'm loving all the cards I've seen, and there's so many of them!
I've done on one my blog. TFL

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous, fabulous, inspiring work from everyone! I had a look at everyone's blogs tonight and tried to post on them, and am having no success whatsoever - am going to try posting here as I have been able to do so before, but then have also been able to post to several other blogs as well, and tonight it just isn't working. Here's hoping at least this post will work!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Hi again - have now published my attempt at this week's challenge, on

Tracey said...

Been ages since I have managed to play, but my effort for this week is here

BondGirl said...

JJ has sent us two great wings themed cards. Check them out in our gallery here

BondGirl said...

Ros has sent us her lovely stamped butterfly card

Lynne said...

Wow - the cards in the gallery are gorgeous Ladies.

jaki said...

Wow! So many people having a go at this one :)

I've made a cute birdie, it is on my blog.
Thanks for the inspiration girls!!

Lythan said...

Those gallery cards are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

there is my first comment and than for the wonderful theme wings. so i had make some cards in the last days and you look easy to my blog and you will find cute winged angels.
greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

oh .. i don´t know if you can use the link ... perhaps now.
greetings bea

Di said...

Hi - there's 41 peoople left comments before me and I haven't had time to look at any of them yet, but I'm sure they will be fabulous. Anyway, mine's now done and on my blog. Hope you get time to visit.

Oh and hi to all those new names I haven't seen before.


Mary-Beth said...

What a great response! Gorgeous cards as always ladies. Both my Beautiful and Wings carsd are up on my blog. Thanks to all for looking!

Can't wait to check out all the cards.

Kathy said...

wow, just had a look at the new cards in the gallery and they are all fab - thank you Louise, Ros and JJ for sharing them with us

Jayrewcraft said...

Great challenge again and amazing cards ladies!
WOW just seen how many people have done this challenge - well done.

Mine is here -

All the best.
Jayne xx

Anonymous said...

OK, I dare to share ...
a contribution :)

Take care,


Nina Grann said...

Hi lovely cards, this is my first time really enjoyed it, have my card on my blog

April Hall said...

WOW! These are some amazing cards!

Gillian said...

Louise, Ros & JJ..
{our Gallery Girls}
Your cards are STUNNING.. lovely work each one is AMAZING... :o)

Rachel said...

Hi girls Im on catch up with my dares so have combined this with the template dare.

Thanks for looking x

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite subject, so I LOVED this one! As always, great creations by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Had a week's little break from DCM but I'm back! The team's cards are amazing, not had a chance to check out all the darers but I'm off for spot of blog-hopping now, to ahve a nosy! : )
Mine's on me blog...........

gaby braun said...

Congratulations. There 52 comments. WOw!
Wonderful! I had made a nice assemblage with wings, but the photo I have took is too bad. I will try it again tomorrow.

gaby braun said...

I could save a photo from a wings assemblage. It's the Angels Laundry.

Leo said...

So many fabby cards!! Weldone everyone :D.

Just uplaoded my go, thanks for another fabby challenge.
xx Leonora

Samm said...

I couldn't resist it, I've done another!


Jukie said...

What wonderful cards!

Here is my attempt scrapping in by the skin on my teeth!

Angelnorth said...

I'm being a last minute Minnie this week! Love the DT cards but haven't made it round many darer's blogs yet - will try to put that right!

Here's my attempt:

BondGirl said...

Annelie has sent us a cute wings card. See it here in our gallery

Gillian said...

Annelie that is Gorgeous, I really love these cute stamps, beautifully coloured. :O)

Kimberly White said...

What a great challenge. A liile late, but I wanted to post it anyway! TFL!