Friday, November 16, 2018

Gift Tags, Toppers and Labels - Step Away from the cards no 1

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Winter Foliage cards with us last week, what a wonderful array!

This week, it's time to take our first "Step Away from the Cards" for this Christmas season.  Most of our team don't just make cards, and its fun to share some other crafty makes with you.  Of course we also ask you to join in and share some of your other creations with us.

The theme for the first "Step Away From the Cards" challenge is:

Tags, Labels and Toppers

We'd just love to see the tags etc that you'll be adding to your gifts to show who they are for and from!  it doesn't have to be Christmas-themed, we give gifts for lots of reasons and they all look better with a bit of extra decoration!

 When you're done, please come back and let us know where we can see your creations, Here are some of ours to get you in the mood






(for you)
(recipe to go with a cocktail kit)


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