Friday, May 17, 2019

M. A. Y. letters

Welcome to another Friday Challenge with The Daring Cardmakers.  It's Kathy here this time and I'll apologise straight away, because this one is tough! 
 Much tougher that it seemed when I came up with the 'bright' idea!

Anyway, first, a big thank you for joining in and sharing your cards with us last time, it was lovely to see your creations and we hope you enjoyed spending TIME on Sylvia's lovely challenge.

M A Y   letters
So here's my fiendish challenge for this week! You can make any kind of card you like, but I'd like you to incorporate at least one thing beginning with each letter of the word MAY into your card. For example colours, words, 'things' or techniques beginning with the letters
M - Magenta, Mustard, Maypole, Monogram, Masking
A - Anniversary, Amber, Arch, Anchor, Apple
Y - Yellow, Yacht, Yupo paper, You. Yak!

Scary eh?  I hope you don't run away shouting "no chance" over your shoulder!  If you're up for it, this one will make you think a bit out of the box and have you looking at your stash in a different way.  The DT have really stepped up to the mark with their cards and we've added the M,A & Y elements by our names to help give more ideas

Kathy    (Mosaic,  Aster/Adorable. Yellow)

 Joanne    (Magazine page, Alcohol ink, Yupo)

Shabneez    (Moving,   Aqua,  Yellow)

Sylvia    (Mixed Media,  Aperture,  Yellow)

Dawn   ( Mint cardstock,  Aperture,   Yellow )  

Ruth   (
Machine, Animal, Yellow

Miri        (Message,   Aquarium,   Yellow)

Nat     (Mustard shade/word "May", Abandoned Coral Distress Oxide Ink, Yellow and the words "You" on the inside/"Your" on the front)

Svenja (mandala - aqua/azur/adho mukha svanasana - yellow/yoga)

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