Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy New Year Card- with ingredients !

Welcome back to a little corner of creativity in the midst of all the silly season panic ! We know everyone is very very busy at the moment- but if you do have a spare few moments to make a card for this dare- we'd love to see your creations!

For our second team dare - we are challenging you to make a New Year Card BUT it has to include the following ingredients- 3 brads or eyelets, 2 different patterned papers and 1 punchie or diecut.

Just before you get going on your New Year cards we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas from all of us on the DCM Team









Remember - There are two ways to show us your creations:

1. Leave a message on the blog and we'll come and look. We'll also add a link to the sidebar to make it easy for readers to visit your site and see what you've been up to.

2. We also have a gallery ready and waiting for non-blogger's cards. Just email your pictures to and as soon as they've been OK'd they'll appear on the gallery. Please remember to add your name, the dare your card is for and your website info if you have one. If you can tell us how you came across The Daring Cardmakers that would be great too.

Thank you to everyone who shares their cards with us, we look forward to seeing them every week and appreciate all of your work and words of support.


Anonymous said...

Another great dare ladies, hope to get to this dare over the weekend. Did get a tag done this morning - it's on my Blog.

Anonymous said...

Aren't New Years' cards totally different to Christmas cards?? These are great, ladies! Will think on this challenge - have to shift gears away from Christmas thoughts first...the ingredients list is good! Merry Christmas to all of you, too.

Rachel said...

good grief I have never made a New Year card in my life - might have a go and do a couple for the kids - watch this space! x great cards ladies some lovely papers used. Happy Christmas to all of you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Rachel - never made a new year card b4 - but here's a go : never say never, rite ?

It's been all pleasure for me playing along with the dares. Looking forward to more creative inspiration from everyone here ,come 2007 ! ;-)

May your Christmas bring you all that you wish for you !

xo, Pearl

Anonymous said...

WOW gorgeous cards ladies! great inspiration here :)

Mine has be uploaded on my blog :)zxqi

Anonymous said...

ummmmm...ooops....maybe I should have read the ingredients first LOL...THIS is why I don't cook...LOL...disregard my entry I'll have to create a new one! ;)


Anonymous said...

Got an early start today and managed to catch-uo with the Dares. This week - and last weeks - efforts are now on my Blog.

Merry Christmas Ladies.x

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling quite poorly today & I'm not sure if I'll manage a card for this dare ladies.
I am going away tomorrow & to be honest all I want is to sleep. Stupid head cold but Im dizzy if Im upright!!!!

Lets see how I feel in a few hours, I still have a birthday card for N/Yr day to make!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My 2nd card is....yep it's done...LOL!

I think I got it right this time :)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this joyeous season...and all the best in the new year...scrap on! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi girls my cards on my blog... never too busy for a Dare!!!!!
I just want to thankyou all so much, you are really the most wonderful bunch of girls, You are so encouraging, Caring and Creative to boot... I've loved every single dare I've done, and am sooooo looking forward to more dares in 2007.. Have a wonderful Christmas girls. Thanks Heaps Gillian :o)

Anonymous said...

Trust you all had a lovely Christmas Day. Mine was nice! I managed to have time to make a New Year's card today so you can view it at my blog if you like.
Happy New Year to all of you - stay safe and well!