Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Playing Tag on a Tuesday

We hope you're still making your B&W with a Splash cards - great for those last minute ones that you completely forgot, or for the 2 cards someone has just emailed asking for (aggghhh just when I was thinking I'd only 2 things left on my "to do" list....). We've seen some fab cards so far, and a fab scrapbook LO too, please keep them coming, we love to see your work.

Well, by now you've made all your cards and they're heading to their destinations. All your crafty gifts are wrapped and ready to go, you've even made some nice tags for them - especially if you played along with last week's Little Extra.. expertise
If you're anything like me the presents for Hubby are the last to get wrapped, and usually by then the nicest tags have all been used up. So this week's Little Extra is simple, and it's another tag one - we'd like you to make:
a special tag for a special present
be it for Mum or Dad, for the Love of Your Life or even for your Best Friend in the Whole Wide World, this year make sure their present has a special finishing touch and join in with this week's midweek mayhem.

Just leave us a message when you're done so we can all come and look at your crafty makes . There won't be a Little Extra next week, so you'd better make th most of this one!

Here are a couple from us to start with:


Anonymous said...

Oh your so right Kathy, all the nice tags are used up.... and still a couple of special gifts to wrap.. Do I have time?... Of course I can squeeze another in.. thanks for the Extra...Gorgeous Tags Girls...

Anonymous said...

What cute tags! Must have a go tomorrow, hopefully when I am making that last special card for a card making friend. Will let you know when I have something new to show...hope you are all feeling as though things are coming together for you and you can have some fun with family & friends :-D

Anonymous said...

Mine is finally done & over on my blog.

Many thanks for the challenges set.
I look forward to more in the New Year.
Merry Christmas to you all
& happy crafting in 2007.

Anonymous said...

CUTE Tags ladies!

I'll make one tonight....thanks for another great challenge!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, my special tag is on my blog...Thanks heaps this was the little push I needed to make this tag for my mum....

Anonymous said...

I have to pass on this one ! Tag art is not me yet ! lol - anyways too busy a week as well ! Not one to give up so easily ! lol

Lovely Christmas all at Daring Cardmakers !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tags! I just managed to slip one in at the last minute too.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

'K - I made a tag for my Mother's gift if you would like to see it :-)