Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Beautiful Thought

Welcome to Tuesday's Tantalizing Little Extra from the DCM!
Just before we tell you what our little midweek challenge is, can we just say how utterly stunning all the cards for our Self Addressed Kit Special Sponsored dare have been - we are blown away by the response. Not only is the list of links standing at 24 entries SO FAR, but there are lots more cards on the SA Kit forum's own gallery too. Needless to say there's always room for more, and Friday's new Dare is ages away so you've got LOADS of time if you've not got your card done yet. This has been such a fun dare, and we'd love to see even more cards still!

This week's Little Extra challenge gives you just one single word for inspiration - and that word is:

Hopefully that will have you thinking Beautiful thoughts and making Beautiful cards.
We're very happy to present the first offering from our new Guest Designer, Tracy on this challenge - You'll soon see why we're so pleased to have her on the Design Team!

So, here you are, beautiful cards from some of the DT (some still using the wonderful papers donated by Jenn of Self Addressed), to get you thinking of your own Beautiful Ideas.
Remember to leave a message when you're done to tell us where we can see

your card - or send it to us at daringcardmakers@hotmail.co.uk and Tracie will pop it onto our Gallery.


Anonymous said...

I'm so addicted! lol
I've just finished my card :O)
You can have a look here if you like:
Thanks so much for the super challenge, you know I'm busting for Friday now don't you!? :O)

Anonymous said...

Your cards are amazing!! Love it.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

The cards are amazing as always. I did mine on time this week!


Sarah said...

Fab cards as always. Just finished mine, it took me all afternoon!


Flower said...

These are great!! I find it very intruiging that each DT person used dots on their cards. Maybe dots or circles signify beauty in some way...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, mine's on my blog - for some reason I really struggled for ideas on this one. Yours are all fab as usual!

Esther said...

Ok I made it....

Scripture by Design said...

yey, I love seeing how others interpret the theme! You can find mine on my blog :)

Rika said...

Beautiful cards again ladies!
My card is on my blog.

Leni said...

wonderful cards.

gaby braun said...

Here is mu contribution for the theme.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Bit late, but I have managed to pull something together. How I wish it was the weekend today!!!

TFL.x http://minibookpixie.blogspot.com

Flower said...

If you are just a bit late, Paula, I'm extremely late! Time for the Weekly already! I did get my shot at beautiful in:

Sheila said...

Just managed to do this one by combining work and play.
The teams cards are just total eye candy.

Mine is at-:

BondGirl said...

JJ (Janet) has joined in for the first time with her fantastic colourful card


BondGirl said...

Ros has sent us a lovely beautiful card, look in out gallery


BondGirl said...

Louise has sent us the most stunning glittery dragonfly cards. You have to have a look...


BondGirl said...

Niki has sent us her lovely hello beautiful card


Gillian said...

Oh Wow, just had a look at the 'beautiful cards' in the gallery... Wonderful work Niki, Louise, Ros & JJ... all Spectacular!!!!!